Do you need an argumentative essay on nature vs nurture? Under the idea of nature, the significant factors influencing the character trait of an individual disposition are genes and biological factors. Nurture deals with the behavioral trait of your human disposition developing as an external factor. 

To sum up:

  • Biology influences nature.
  • Environment influences nurture.
  • Nature correlates with character.
  • Nurture correlates with behavior.

What is the Principal Argument of Nature vs Nurture?

We have not put the nature vs nurture debate to rest. It is continuing as an unsolved puzzle. However, public perceptions of this nurture vs nature argumentative essay have evolved with civilization. Instead of considering the potential effects of early environment and development, the present idea frequently focuses on genes’ impact on human disposition. 

Why is Nature vs Nurture Essential?

Why is Nature vs Nurture Essential

Nature vs nurture’s importance lies in how people interact with the surrounding environment. Nature vs nurture plays a vital role even in child development. According to the new research, it is likely that environmental factors influence genetic expressions. 

One research has proved that humans get almost all their behavioral traits from nurture. We also know it as tabula rasa. John Locke discovered it in 1690.

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How do You Write an Essay on Nature vs Nurture?

How do You Write an Essay on Nature vs Nurture

If you are on the verge of writing an argumentative essay about nature vs nurture, it is mandatory to follow a particular format. Like a standard essay, even this one has its introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Let’s understand how you can do it with relevance.


The “nature vs nurture” theory’s central argument is succinct. You may draw attention to the constant conflict between our “natural” (nature) and “nurtured” (nature) qualities, which influence our genetic and environmental influences, respectively. Thus, consider the theory while writing an argumentative essay on nature vs nurture. 

Body Paragraphs

Introduce each paragraph with the main sentence. Describe how you comprehend the argument. Provide your supporting ideas and examples, starting with your main point.


The nature vs nurture argumentative essay must have all the points in compact form. It is comparable to most academic writings. We must restate the argument for natural selection and how nurturing influences it through time.

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Get The Best Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay on Nature vs Nurture

write an Argumentative Essay on Nature vs Nurture

Scholars have appreciated the intelligent ways to write argumentative essays -nature vs nurture. Let us find out some tips below, along with research and examples.

  1. Research and pick the most pertinent thought. Try to choose the topic and facts that interest you.
  2. Make sure the facts you are finding out are engaging. For example, you may focus on the idea of DNA. It is always an engaging subject for people.
  3. Speak about Genetic traits. It will resonate with the argument of nature.
  4. Try to give some facts about the opinion of nativists. It will boost the interest of readers.
  5. Twin DNA is also a subject that interests most readers. Give some interesting facts about it.
  6. The bipolar impact is again blazing evidence of biological traits. Keep a section for the subject in your argumentative essay.

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Argument on Nature

Fact 1

Each human cell’s gene coding determines our various characteristics, with physical attributes including eye color, hair color, ear size, height, and other qualities predominating. Yet, it is still unknown if human DNA also contains gene codes for more abstract characteristics like personality, intelligence, sexual orientation, and likes and dislikes.

Fact 2

As we look at fraternal twins, they can show behavioral genes. Raising individually, the fraternal twins exhibit the same behavioral and emotional similarities as if they have been raised together.

Fact 3

One of the most contentious arguments against the “gay gene” theory is that it could explain why homosexuals are genuinely born that way. Scientists have established that “behavioral genes” exist.

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Argument on Nurture

Fact 1

According to the nurture theory, abstract features may have a hereditary component, but our environment influences our behavior.

It involves using conditioning to change a child’s unexpected behavior or teach the youngster a new behavior. Thus, your argumentative essay on nature vs nurture must emphasize this. 

Fact 2

John Watson is a leading psychologist who favors environmental learning as the prevailing theory in the nature vs nurture controversy.

Fact 3

A youngster selected randomly from 12 infants once claimed he could train them to become any specialist Watson wanted. Regardless of the child’s potential, talents, or race, he claimed he could teach him to be such.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the principal argument of nature vs nurture?

Nature vs nurture deals with the debate between biology and society. Nature is all about genetic inheritance, whereas nurture is a trait developed from external factors.

What is a good thesis statement for nature vs nurture?

This essay will examine nature and nurture and offer a hypothetical “middle of the road” interpretation, representing contemporary perspectives. Whatever side individuals select, nature and nurture have significance in forming a deeper understanding of what makes humans human.

What is an example of the nature vs nurture debate?

According to many academics, the most significant influencing factor is the interaction between genes and environment—nature plus nurture as a contrast to nature versus nurture. Another characteristic influenced by the combination of nature and nurture is height. A child could get the height gene from their parents.

How does nurture affect personality?

As we speak about nurture, we ‌focus on all the environmental factors that influence us. Here, you get the impact of environmental factors, but parenting style doesn’t put a limit to it. Other factors playing a role here are birth order, family size, culture, peers, language, education, etc.

What is the contrast between nature and nurture in human development?

It showcased the constant debate on nature vs nurture, especially in child development. Nature is all about genetic predisposition. We can again state the biological makeup of an individual. But ‌nurture is all about the outer world, which affects the nature of an individual.

Which is stronger, nature or nurture?

In its latest research, most experts explain that both nature and nurture are equally strong. Both nature and nurture crucial factors engage with one another significantly throughout our lifespan.

How does the nature vs. nurture debate affect how people behave?

The nature vs. nurture theory claims that the environment and genetics influence different human actions, among other things.

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