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Types of Law Class

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the body of legislation that addresses illegal activity. It covers offences against the state, such as homicide, robbery, and assault.

Civil Law

Civil Law

The body of legislation that addresses disagreements between people or organizations is known as civil law. It covers topics including property law, tort law, and contract law.
Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

The corpus of legislation about the composition and authority of the government is known as constitutional law.

Administrative law

Administrative law

The body of legislation deals with how the government and its agencies interact.

Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Environmental law is a vast body of legislation that protects the environment through statutes, standard law rules, and regulations.

Tax Law

Tax Law

Tax law is the legislation that deals with imposing and collecting taxes. It analyzes income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes.

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Online Law Exam Assistance

Online Law Exam Assistance

Are you overwhelmed by law exams? We provide comprehensive study guides, personalized tutoring, and proven exam strategies to help you excel.
Property Law Homework

Property Law Homework

Need help with property law assignment help? Our expert guidance, interactive learning resources, and well-structured lessons will transform your property law struggles into triumphs.

Pay for Property Law Class Assistance

Pay for Property Law Class Assistance

Juggling commitments? We’ll attend your property law classes on your behalf and provide detailed summaries and insights.

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