Do you know any good excuses for missing online class? Are you still thinking about what can be excuses for skipping class? We will discuss ways or reasons that a student can present to avoid the online class.

When students attend physical classes, they try to avoid one or two periods. It has created a boost during the phase of the COVID-19 outbreak. Though online sessions replaced physical classes, students still have excuses to miss class. Let us explore some good excuses to miss class.

Why Do Students Desire to Skip Classes?

Why Do Students Desire to Skip Classes

1. Difficulty In Managing Multiple Engagements

Most students are not attached to a single academic assignment or a course. Mostly they are either doing a dual program or are attached to a job on a part-time basis. Thus, managing everything, along with Attendance in online classes, becomes difficult for them. The above excuse may not be legitimate but students knowing the benefits of using mobile phones in online learning can go a long way.

2. Lack Of Expertise

During the pre-covid period, students used to visit schools and colleges regularly. Thus, they were comfortable attending the classes in person. Also, the face-to-face conversation was best for them. But, after the pandemic broke down, the education industry shifted to online studies. But, most students needed to become more accustomed to the process. Thus, they find excuses to skip class.

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3. They Find It A Waste Of Time.

Some students feel that they know enough of the lessons the particular teacher is teaching. Thus, for them attending the online class becomes difficult. Also, some students feel they can go home and read the lessons by themselves. Thus, they want to dedicate their online class attendance time to other tasks.

Some Smart Excuses For Missing An Online Class

Some Smart Excuses For Missing An Online Class

1. Unaware Of Class Timing

One of such excuses to get out of class is to join the class late. It is quite a common excuse for many students who wish to avoid class. Suppose the class starts at 10 am, but the student joins at 11:30 am. Thus, here you are, one and a half hours late. All of the teachers will only allow you to attend the online class on time. In such a situation, the student can say, ‘I knew that the class timing is 11.30 am.’

2. No Access To Joining Class Link

When you are attending an online class, you must have a joining link. It is what the teacher or the class initiator provides to the students. Now, if the teacher has no access to the actual number of students, they may miss sending a link to a few students. In such a situation, a student’s excuse is valid. 

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3. Class Overlapped With Sports Schedule

Most of the students are engaged in several types of sports activities. Some of them are football, volleyball, table tennis, etc. Now, all these sports activities have a schedule. Some of the students prioritize the sports schedule over the academic lessons. In such a situation, they will find this as a schedule. 

4. I Had An Accident

It is probably one of the best excuses for missing online class by accident. Students often say that he or they fell and got a fracture in their leg or hand. Since the excuse involves a health issue, the teacher will be bound to consider it. Also, in some cases, the fact is actual. 

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5. Struggling With Password

The online classes are not similar to the offline classes. When a student attends the classes, they can enter the class and sit. The teacher starts teaching within the scheduled time. But, in an online class, you have to use a password. The code will be required to let you inside the online class session. Thus, you need such a code to attend the class.

6. Problem With Internet

The Internet, as well as the network, can cause trouble when you are attending online classes. Most students take this fact as an advantage and consider it one of the significant excuses to skip class. Sometimes it is also a genuine problem for most of the students.

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7. Power Cut

Not all students operate on a laptop. Instead, most of them use the desktop system to attend online classes. In such a situation, when the electricity goes off, that becomes a significant problem. The system shuts down at once. It is one good excuse to miss class.

8. Doctor’s Appointment

It is one of the great ways to skip class. None of the teachers will stop you if you have a health issue. Whether you have fever, diarrhea, fracture, etc, seeking a doctor is vital. You can consider it as one of the legitimate excuses for missing online class.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is It Ok To Skip Online Classes?

Avoiding the online class that your subject teacher is conducting is not OK. Today, academic sessions have become chiefly online. Thus, students and teachers prefer the platform. But, if you skip online classes, most lessons will be untouched.

Q2. What Are Considered As Some Good Excuses For Being Absent?

Students find endless excuses or ways to get out of online classes. Some of the most common excuses are:

  • I have had stomach pain since morning
  • My laptop is not working
  • One of my relatives died
  • I didn’t receive the class joining code
  • My wifi is not working.

Q3. Does Attendance Matter In An Online School?

Yes, Attendance does matter in an online school. Instead, advanced technology records the presence of each student more rapidly and easily through online sessions.

Q4. Is It Ok To Skip Class For Mental Health?

Indeed, students with mental health issues may be unable to concentrate in class. But, attending the class can divert their focus from mental illness. Thus, attending class might help the student to get temporary relief from mental health issues.

Q5. Is Online School Harder Than Regular?

The opinion may vary from one individual to another. The student’s syllabus is still the same even if they attend the online class. Only the way of study is changed. Thus, it is much easier and more convenient than the regular school.

Q6. How To Get Out Of Class On Zoom?

Leaving your class when you are on a zoom session is easy. If you are using the zoom app following are the steps to leave:

  • Swipe up right from the bottom of the screen of your smartphone
  • Now pause for sometime
  • Now you can see the app switcher
  • There swipe up toward the zoom card and exit.

Q7. Is attendance mandatory for online courses?

Studies show that attending lectures does not directly influence academic results. It enhances performance by using initial assessment success and online learning involvement.

Q8. How does attendance affect students?

Regular school attendance and better academic achievement are more positively associated, while better academic achievement is negatively related to irregular attendance. A student’s educational experience may make this connection between attendance and success apparent.

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