Whether you have any plan to skip classes or not, you must know good excuses for missing online class.

We have made a list of some of the best online class excuses to save yourself from being caught. 

How Do You Escape Online Classes? 

Online classes can be difficult for some students. While for others, it can be tedious. You can make several excuses for missing online class and escape them.

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So let’s get straight into the topic.

What Are Some Great Excuses For Missing Online Class?

What Are Some Great Excuses For Missing Online Class?

There are indeed many challenges of online learning. One may not be a computer-friendly person and hence want to avoid online classes. Another student may have some more important activities to complete. Use the below-mentioned excuses to skip the online classes without getting caught

1. “I am ill today.”

Perhaps one of the most regularly used excuses for missing online classes in today’s time. Well, no one would ask you, “Why didn’t you inform me before?” No one would know that they might get ill beforehand, so there is no scope for getting caught. Also, if you announce that you are sick, you create a probability that you can even be absent for a few more days too. Most successful of the absent excuses, isn’t it?

2. “I had a medical emergency.”

No one can tell when a person will have a medical emergency. Even a doctor’s appointment can be preponed at the last moment. Medical meetings and concerns are unpredictable. Hence this is one of the best excuses for missing online class. When it is a matter of health, no one would question it.

3. “The previous teacher held us back.”

The previous teacher held us back

Well, ofcourse, but you do have a risk involved in this excuse. You have to learn beforehand whether the teachers are in touch with each other. If the online teachers are not in contact with each other much, you can play this game. Teachers often extend their classes, and you cannot do much about it as a student. All the teachers are also well aware of it, and hence this is one of the excuses for not attending online class for a long time. However, there are some DOs and DON’Ts  in online classes which you should keep in mind while attending any online class.

4. “You had to share the computer with a parent/sibling.”

An online learner can use the excuse that he has only one system at home, which is valid for many. Furthermore, you can add that your parent or sibling had a vital video conferencing call. Unfortunately, you missed your scheduled class as you had to share the computer with them. It is one of the many valuable excuses to make for not attending online class. You can often use this excuse since many families cannot afford more than a system.

5. “Your Wi-Fi connectivity was down.” 

Wi-Fi connectivity was down

Technical concerns are some of the most common issues. The best part is nobody has control over it, and no one can be held responsible. It is important to stay motivated when taking online classes. If you want to skip a few of them, you can just say, “I missed due to a technical glitch,” or inform the teacher concerned that you have “network issues.” The teacher will not cross your point. It is a common problem that everyone, including your teacher, faces. It really works!

6. “One of my family members was sick.”

What if you say that one of your family members was sick and had to take care of? It is an excuse standing on humanitarian ground. Will your online teacher ask, “Please call the concerned/sick person?” Oh, that will be too inhuman! You would say it is such an excuse, and the teacher has to believe it. She can neither counter nor disbelieve your words and had to allow you to continue the class

7. “The class timetable did not show your online class today.”

Just like technical error, human error is also standard in online education. Many times the organizer fails to schedule the correct timing of the class. It is a typical error and can happen to anyone. The teacher, too, would lack patience and energy to counter the fact that the student is telling a lie. Evidently, it has become one of the many good excuses to miss school. What can the student do if the teacher’s class is not shown on the portal?

8. “There was a power cut!”

Just like you have no such control over the technical error, you cannot predict the power. Electricity in some countries is a big concern, and online classes cannot learn without them. Thus if you convey to your online teacher that you have no electricity at home, no one will further question you. Primarily if you work in a system where the CPU cannot operate without electricity, you can use this great excuse to miss your online class.

9. “The battery had run out after back-to-back classes.”

The battery had run out after back-to-back classes

It is fun if the online class you want to skip falls near the end of the day. You have the great excuse that your battery had run out after attending many classes. Even the phone and tab you use had no charge left. Your teacher may ask you why didn’t you put it in order in time? Here you can add that you discovered that your battery had been damaged suddenly.

10. “I did not have the correct password.”

Speak out that you did not have the correct password. You attempted to join several times but failed to join the class in time. Also, add that you tried to connect with others but could not connect successfully. You may also say that nobody responded to you in time. It may be a false statement or may be true. With this excuse, your teacher may think twice before getting angry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good excuse to miss an online class?

People can fall sick anytime, which is a good excuse to miss online class. The teacher will never scold you for being sick because you are responsible for that in no way. Hence being sick is one of the most successful excuses for missing online class.

2. What is a good excuse to miss a Zoom meeting?

Three of the most used excuses to miss Zoom meetings are

“My Wi-Fi connectivity was inferior.”

“The link that I received did not work.”

“The password did not work for me.”

Using any of the excuses mentioned above will help you miss the online class.

3. What is a good excuse to miss online exam?

If you want to skip an online exam, you can say that your device had broken down, the app did not work correctly, or there was a power cut. These excuses look genuine, and the teacher will try to understand the situation rather than get angry.

4. How do you tell a teacher you will be absent?

You can write a leave letter or an email informing your teacher about your upcoming absence with proper reason. 

5. What is absent without reasons?

Unauthorized absences occur when someone skips school without giving a cause or informing their teacher. 

6. How do I take urgent leave?

You can take an urgent leave by informing your teacher through mail or letter. 

7. What is a personal absence?

Personal absence is when you skip classes for personal reasons like family functions, outings, or reasons related to your personal life. 

8. How do you tell a teacher you will be absent?

You should write an application letter to your teacher stating why you will be absent and the date of your absence. 

9. What is absent without reasons?

When a student is absent with no reasons stated or given to the teacher, it is called absent without reasons. 

10. How do I take urgent leave?

You can take an urgent leave by informing your teachers. You can also take help from your local guardians to inform your school. 

11. What is a personal absence?

A personal absence is when a student takes leave due to personal reasons.

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