Are you searching for the Edmentum cheat sheet ? Then you are on the proper page. This blog will let you explore the quality Edmentum answers to pass online exams with shining marks.

However, getting the proper cheat sheet is overwhelming. But you must spare some time to get the best Edmentum cheat sheet. 

Edmentum’s PLATO learning services are meant for students who want to shine in online and traditional classes. Here PLATO means “Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations.”

One of the leading learning portals for global students. It helps students to improve their academic skills and do my online class. Students must provide the correct Edmentum answers to move to the next level.

That’s why students always run behind Edmentum cheats and Edmentum mastery test answers to complete the online course smoothly.

How Does Edmentum Work?

Edmentum learning courses are designed in units. Every unit contains multiple course lessons. All these individual lessons are based on the skills of the students.

The lesson offers tutorials and educational activities that students need to complete at their own pace. When students finish Edmentum’s lesson, they need to take the mastery test. This test is based on the scoring system.

And a minimum of 80% of mastery rate demonstrates student is ready to join the next level or lesson. The scoring system also acknowledges customs cases where a 65% to 75% threshold is needed.

The assignments and learning activities given to students are meant to apply in the real world. The platform offers various tools that make the overall learning experience smooth and satisfying. No worries about who will do my online exam.

How Do You Unlock Assignments On Edmentum?

If you are a student and want to unlock assignments you have accessed previously, then go through this. 

The students are given more chances to complete the lessons related to the quiz again. Once you complete the lesson, the quiz will unlock, and you can retake it.

If you have already finished the particular lesson, you can reopen it and click “Exit.” This way, you can unlock the quiz assignments and retake them again.

If you are a teacher, go to “My Classes” on the notifications page. Then select the specific class you want to view. 

Then you can explore the locked mastery quizzes and other notifications. Now click on “Unlock” to unlock the quiz assignments. The students can easily access the assignments now. 


Can Edmentum Detect Cheating?

Can Edmentum Detect Cheating

Students always wonder whether Edmentum knows if you cheat. Let’s know how the Edmentum detects cheating, and your professors know about it.

Online Proctoring

This method uses automated proctoring that monitors your activities during the exams using the webcam. Secondly, live proctor watches the class through their webcams personally. If you think it is possible to cheat in a proctored exam, it is possible in automated proctored exams, as they can be unreliable.

Identify Authenticated Programs 

These programs range from sending a picture of yourself to keystroke recognition and scanning your fingers before the exams. The programs are effective deterrents against impersonation. However, they are not so effective in detecting other types of cheating, and schools usually can’t afford them because of higher costs.

Secure Exam Browsers

This is one of the most common deterrents again online cheating. It involves students downloading the software on their computer and controls what windows students can open and what they can access through their browser. This software also monitors the computer activity of the students. 

Plagiarism Detection 

This is the globally accepted method of monitoring students for online cheating. It is often used for in-person classes as well. This software scans students’ assignments or written work and compares it with the millions of data available on the internet. It checks whether the student’s work s plagiarized or original. This software can also be notoriously unreliable sometimes.   

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How To Get Edmentum Cheat Sheet?

How To Get Edmentum Cheat Sheet

If you are searching for the Edmentum cheat sheet and then here are some of the methods you can follow:

Search On DMOC123

DMOC123 is the repository of over one million Edmentum questions answered by top online tutors. This way, you can search whether someone previously solved the answers. All you require to do is search for your answer on the platform and log in to go through the answer if it is available. However, you can even hire an Edmentum tutor to get the professional help we will discuss below.

Google Search

This is the first option that comes to every student’s mind whenever they are assigned homework assignments. This is the best option if searching for one or two Edmentum answers. You will never find the complete Edmentum answer key on Google. 

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers are another repository for the best answers. Like Google, enter the question for which you are searching the answer. You will get some of the answer keys in PDF format. And, sometimes, the search engine will take you to useless funny websites. 

Take A Help

If your friends or peers know about the Edmentum topic, then you can ask them to help complete your homework assignments. 

Hire Expert Tutor

Do you know you can always pay someone to do your online classes? We provide the best and most experienced tutors who are always ready to help you complete your homework, assignments, and quizzes. Connect them for comprehensive Edmentum help. We also provide the best Delta Math Answers.


Edmentum is an excellent learning platform that helps students complete their PLATO course. However, many students are busy with important life activities and unable to focus on Edmentum. That makes them search for the Edmentum cheat sheet. You can utilize the methods given in this blog to get the best Edmentum answers. For more help, contact our experts for complete Edmentum solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my assignment locked on Edmentum?

Firstly, if you provide too many incorrect answers while taking the mastery test. Secondly, if you exit the test without completing it, and lastly, you might get disconnected from the internet while taking the test. In all situations, the test will lock.

How many times can I take Edmentum tests?

For most of the tests system automatically calculates the grade. However, some require a teacher grades system. Students are allowed to take one retake regardless of their score on the first attempt. It also depends upon your district whether it allows more than one attempt.  

Is it easy to cheat on the Edmentum?

No, it is not. To cheat on Edmentum, you will need a third-party account. Also, you require a credit card for payment. Alternatively, you can refer to the guided notes by going to the website.

How does your GPA appear on Edmentum?

Click View transcript on the left side of the screen to view your transcript. Your entire course, weighted grade point average, and unweighted grade point average are listed on an unofficial record.

Who Can View Your Edmentum Answers?

Your Edmentum answers are visible to your teachers. Besides, they have access to all of your site activity. You can review the answers after the results.

Does Edmentum have answer keys?

Some Edmentum courses provide answer keys in its lesson. Only instructors have access to those guided notes. They can find it on the Learn & Support tab in the Help Center or preview a lesson.

How many times can you repeat an exam on Edmentum?

Regardless of their initial result, students can repeat the end-of-semester exam once. The top one of the two scores will be kept. 

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