Students may need more clarification regarding the distinction of footnote vs endnote. The difference between an endnote vs footnote depends primarily on their location or placement in a document. Endnote is at the end of the book, while a footnote is at the bottom of each page.

Endnotes and the footnotes examples help authors give readers more details on any other reference sources.

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This article will explain the difference between footnote and endnote with examples. But we must first comprehend what are endnotes and footnotes. 

What Is Footnote?

What is Footnote -

A numbered note at the bottom of the page that provides references, citations, or other material pertinent to the specific line of text above as a footnote. Here we have mentioned what does a footnote look like. Now, let us also learn about all Chicago style endnotes examples.

What Is Endnote?

What is Endnote -

An endnote is a note appearing at the concluding sections of a book or its sections or chapters. Authors typically include endnotes at the end of each chapter of larger books. Symbols, special characters, numbers, or other signs like asterisks help denote the endnotes. We also organize them chronologically.

Benefits Of Using Footnotes

  • Easy to locate additional information
  • Provide quick information
  • Included in the printing of specific pages

Benefits Of Using Endnotes

  • It keeps the reader focused because they are near the end of the document.
  • Available in a different section of the document
  • Readers get single-point access to all the notes accompanying special material.
  • It does not clog the main body in a separate area.

Now let’s move on to our next section and explore more about what is the difference between a footnote and an endnote.

Similarities And Differences Between Footnotes And Endnotes


  • They both offer a straightforward way to learn more information.
  • Both allow the reader to go on without interruption, after which the readers can learn more from them.
  • They offer a dominant method to reference your sources.


  • An annotation at the bottom of the page gives the reader relevant information and refers to a particular portion of text, known as a footnote. The author uses endnotes, seen after an article or book, to acknowledge or reference the content.
  • The page’s footer is where you will find the footnotes. The document, text, or book ends with endnotes.
  • The author often uses endnotes to credit references or to discuss outside sources, whereas a footnote is merely an enlarged version of an in-text citation.

How To Write Endnotes And Footnotes?

How to Write Endnotes and Footnotes -

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There are undoubtedly vital aspects that all footnotes and endnotes share:

  • Authors use the same superscript number in the paper’s footnote or endnote at the beginning of the note, followed by a period.
  • Authors always include in book footnotes and endnotes, a precise page number or numbers where the referred material the readers may access.
  • Authors include the publication information in the first footnote or endnote to a source.

What To Put In Endnotes And Footnotes?

How to use footnotes and endnotes t depends on your preferences and the style manual. One of the key writing style manuals demanding endnotes, footnotes, and a bibliography is the Chicago Manual of Style. 

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Including longer comments or citations in endnotes rather than the footer is preferable because doing so might mess up the page’s formatting.

The reader must frequently flip to the same page or document’s back as having too many notes might be unpleasant

What Is The Rule For Footnotes In Chicago?

What Is The Rule For Footnotes In Chicago

A superscript number related to a footnote or endnote comprises information about the source, which is quoted or paraphrased material in most academic writing. One of the two methods for citing sources from the Chicago Manual of Style is notes and a bibliography. You can also ask for Edmentum Cheat Sheet if you are separately searching.


Authors frequently deploy different citation formats in a book or document, such as Endnotes and Footnotes. It enables the readers to think about additional cited information that broadens their knowledge and understanding of the subjects.

The author can provide pertinent information without interfering with the narrative flow thanks to these notes, which are extremely important.

Authors predominantly utilize footnotes as a distinct numbering scheme for the two to make it easier for readers to find the right note for the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you add footnote vs endnote?

To embed footnotes and endnotes

  • Tap where you need to see the footnote or endnote.
  • On the List of sources tab, select Embed footnote or Embed Endnote.
  • Incorporate anything in footnotes or endnotes.
  • Double-click the number or image at the note’s start to return to its unique area within the archive.

2. What Is A Footnote Example?

A footnote example incorporates the quotation marks found at the foot of the page compared to the superscript number found within the body of the work. The footnote may comprise the work, author’s title, and other parenthetical citations.

3. What Is An Endnote Citation?

Authors cite the resources in a specific source or supplementary or tangential information. Even if it includes the comment put after a term paper and arranged alphabetically, in connection to where the reference appears within the paper is an endnote citation.

4. What Does An Endnote Look Like?

Authors write endnotes as passages with double spacing and indentation. Although APA does not use the term “endnotes,” the endnotes appear on a partitioned page following the reference list. The heading “Footnotes” is prominent and centred at the top. Include the note number in superscript at the beginning of punctuation marks, followed by a space.

5. What Are Footnotes And Endnotes In Chicago Style?

The Chicago style uses footnotes or endnotes when citing works in the text. The page ought to be named Notes, focused at the top. After a quote or paraphrase, a superscript number is used to cite the source.

If you use endnotes, the numbered notes will be on a separate endnotes page before the bibliography entry at the end of your document. The citation numbers should appear in the correct order. The footnote must be at the bottom of the page to which it refers.

6. What Citation Styles Use Footnotes And Endnotes?

The Chicago style uses footnotes or endnotes when citing works in the text. After a quote or paraphrase, a superscript number is used to cite the source. The citation numbers should appear in the correct order per the publication date.

7. Can You Mix Endnotes and Footnotes?

Even though it is doubtful that you will need to, it is acceptable to include both endnotes and footnotes in your Chicago-style essay. Contact your instructor if you have questions about formatting your research paper.

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