Can Moodle detect cheating? This question is quite common among students pursuing their education on several online platforms.

Moodle is one of the common platforms for students and teachers. It has assignments, quizzes, and examinations. Teachers set up question papers online, assuming students would complete the test(s) honestly. But students, conversely, search and find ways to cheat on the platform. 

In a classroom-based examination, teachers watch students with a hawk eye. This online LMS detects cheating. Today, most colleges and institutions are using Moodle. Since Moodle detects cheating, students often search for ideas to deceive Moodle. If you are one of such students, this blog will find you some solutions.

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What Is Moodle?

What is Moodle |

Moodle is an online LMS that benefits teachers and students through different types of distance learning. High-school teachers can structure their lessons into several modules for their students.

In addition, they can create quizzes and schedule examinations. On the other hand, students can write and submit assignments, quizzes, and assessments through Moodle.

How Does Moodle Work?

As an online learner, you can see several sections as you log in to the Moodle platform. Each student can see a variety of courses. Also, each course has a gradebook, tests, and the facility to share files. 

Each teacher possesses a Moodle user profile using which they create their courses for students. They can set exam question papers, delete unwanted files, and even create and fill their quiz shells with questions. Teachers can set a starting and closing time for each test. Know about Cumulative Exam Vs Comprehensive Exams

Can Moodle Detect Cheating?

Can Moodle Detect Cheating  |

Yes, Moodle can detect cheating. Now, the next vital question that comes to mind is, “How does Moodle detect cheating?” Moodle can track cheating to prevent unauthorized access, data loss, and misuse. Following are some of the ways:

If you are using the Canvas platform, the question that may come to your mind is, Can Canvas Detect Cheating?

Using Plagiarism Scanner

A plagiarism scanner is one of the most common and effective ways to detect cheating online. Plagiarism means that a student copies and pastes other people’s work and ideas.

Through an integrated plagiarism scanner, Moodle can easily detect duplicate content. In other words, a Moodle check for plagiarism is possible. An integrated scanner compares a student’s answers with content across millions of web pages.

The slightest similarity of a phrase or a sentence indicates a copy-paste activity. Moodle fully supports Compilatio and Turnitin plugins, two popular plagiarism scanners, and others. Moodle site administrators need to integrate such scanners with Moodle.  

Using a Moodle Proctoring Plugin

Colleges and institutions usually prefer proctoring their online exams on Moodle. It creates several restrictions for students, reducing their chances of cheating online.

A Moodle proctoring plugin records students’ activities during their online examinations. A webcam attached to the Moodle system proctors an entire examination, provided a student allows it to access their webcam.

If students disallow access to their webcam, they cannot take the relevant online test. 

Moodle Proctoring, a Moodle quiz–access plugin, identifies an online Moodle quiz taker. This plugin takes a Moodle quiz taker’s photo every 30 seconds and stores it as a PNG file on the server on which it runs.      

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LockDown Browser

Image LockDown Browser |

Another effective mechanism that detects cheating is a LockDown browser. This tool identifies students’ activities while appearing for an online exam on Moodle.
For example, the LockDown browser will immediately catch a student looking at their phone or pursuing any suspicious activities.

Can Moodle Understand Switching Apps Or Tabs?

Does Moodle track tabs? If you are using only the Moodle app, it won’t determine whether you are switching Tabs or Apps. Usually, when you integrate third-party apps like LockDown browsers with Moodle, Moodle can easily detect cheating.

Now, you must be wondering how the entire system works. First, you must install a LockDown browser. It will then keep a vigil on the open tabs and raise a red flag on unusual online activity. One such browser which most institutions use is the ”Respondus browser.”

If you are searching for an answer to ”can Moodle detect other tabs?”, here is the complete answer. You can often ask, Can Moodle see if you switch tabs? Here is the full answer.

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Is It Possible for Moodle to Track Copy And Paste?

Is It Possible for Moodle to Track Copy And Paste |

Moodle, a powerful online study platform, has the provision for organizing online examinations. Teachers and professors in several colleges and institutions want genuine, honest answers from each student.

Thus, they need to determine whether Moodle identifies students trying to copy and paste their answers. Yes, Moodle can detect the copy-and-paste activities of its online students.

A Moodle administrator of your institution’s Moodle platform installs some relevant plugins to supplement Moodle.

Some popular tools are CopyCheck, PlagScanner, etc. Usually, the plugins are manually integrated with Moodle. Doing so allows online students on Moodle to open only one tab. 

What Are the Limitations of Moodle in Tracking Students’ Activity?

Yes, Moodle, too, has certain limitations while tracking students’ online activities. As stated above, relevant plugins implementing a Moodle check for plagiarism help teachers and examiners detect cheating and plagiarism. But it would help if you were careful about the limitations too. 

One of the biggest limitations is that students can paraphrase content online while on Moodle. Per  students’ feedback, most have cheated this way without Moodle catching them. 

Another limitation of Moodle deals with computer tabs. Integrated with relevant cheating detection tools, Moodle can detect tab changes but cannot identify screen sharing. Thus, two people sitting in different rooms can share a screen. 

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How to Hack Moodle?

How to Hack Moodle |

Teachers or professors prepare questions in Moodle. Alongside, they also prepare the answers. Both the questions and answers are present in the Moodle app.

Thus, students trying to implement Moodle hacks seek several ways to extract those questions.

But each academic institution enforces online safety measures to deal with Moodle answers hacks very seriously. Still, offending students need to face the consequence of academic penalties and criminal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can Moodle Track Students’ Online Activity?

Yes, Moodle can track most activities of its online students, some of which are the following:

  • The time a student logs in
  • Assignment submissions
  • Number of quiz attempts
  • Course access
  • Forum Participation

Q2. Can Moodle Track Students’ IP Addresses?

Yes, the Moodle app tracks students’ IP addresses. But there are also a few reasons for Moodle to track IP addresses. Some of these reasons are the following:

  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Monitoring site usage
  • Investigating any security concerns

Q3. Does Moodle Record Your Screen?

No, Moodle can’t capture the screen of students’ devices. It can only track a student’s online activity on Moodle: say, the assignments or quiz questions they access. 

Q4. Does Moodle Have Access to a Camera?

It depends on your browser settings. There are some permission options on Moodle which, if you as a student allow, will also allow Moodle to access your microphone and camera. 

Q5. Can Professors See What You Do With Moodle?

Yes, professors have broad access to your activities on Moodle. Thus, they monitor every activity you do on Moodle.

Q6. Can I See Who Is in My Class on Moodle?

An instructor can view course participants through the ”View participant” list. For this, an instructor must click the top-left menu option to toggle open the sidebar. There shows up the clickable “Participants” option. 

Q7. How Do I See Hidden Activity on Moodle?

Few activities in Moodle are in hidden mode by default. If you want to unhide them, you follow these steps:

  • Go to your course page and click Turn editing.
  • If you wish to hide any item under “Resource”, “Activity”, or “Section”, click the relevant  Edit and then click Hide.
  • Again, you can unhide a hidden item under “Resource”, “Activity”, or “Section.” Next to each such item, click Edit and then click Show.
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