How to cheat on a proctored exam? Do you know the correct ways of cheating on an online proctored exam? It is, in fact, one big question that comes to the mind of every student pursuing academic excellence. 

Traditional exams use human proctor systems to prevent academic dishonesty and uphold academic honesty among test takers in a testing environment.

But, several universities and colleges need help with students inclined to cheat on a proctored online exam.

The massive boost in technological development and acceptance of online learning has made cheating on online exams in the digital world easier. 

However, proctoring in an online proctored exam hinders hacking or cheating in online education. Let’s learn how to cheat on online exams.

Why do Students think of Online Proctored Exam Cheating Methods?

Students think of Online Proctored Exam Cheating Methods

Not all online students have one reason behind cheating on proctored tests. Some widespread reasons behind students’ thoughts on exam cheating:

  • Students cheat on a proctored exam because of academic infidelity, academic dishonesty, and indulging in academic misconduct.
  • Students face tremendous academic stress from co-curriculum activities in college/ high school/ university.
  • Students are pursuing other online courses. Thus, they need more focus on the primary degree.
  • Test takers need help managing time for their online learning and studies.
  • Students need to gain knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Students believe cheating on a human proctor exam can boost their grades.

But alternatively, students can also proceed with the expert help to do my online class.

Educational institutions do not approve of online cheating, but students are now becoming desperate to find several ways to cheat on online exams.

Top 10 Intelligent Methods on How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam?

If you are looking for unique methods to cheat on a proctored exam:

Send the Screenshot of Multiple-Choice Questions.

Several services online provide online answers. Students contact experts from an online association.

Following are the steps the students undertake here.

  1. Test takers send all the resources, such as syllabus, course materials, etc., to the experts.
  2. The expert receives ample time to study the resources.
  3. The test takers share online exams with the expert assignment writer through the apps such as Zoom, google meet, etc.
  4. When the examination starts, the test taker and the expert remain online. 
  5. Then, the test takers send the question to the expert through a screenshot.
  6. The expert writes the complete answer and returns the screenshot to the test takers.
  7. The test taker then puts the solution online and qualifies.

Mirroring Method of Cheating

Mirroring Method of Cheating

In this cheating method, students must use more than one monitor or multiple monitors or computer screens. Many technical methods students use are two operating systems, a parallel operating system, or advanced tech gadgets to do a Google search for calculated answers, avoid a proctoring review, and hide unusual body language.

The benefit of this academic help is that students can easily take tests from multiple remote locations.

  1. A group of students uses two monitors to access the online exams question.
  2. Now, when there are other monitors with screen-sharing options, all of those can mirror the content of the primary monitor.
  3. The above process provides access to the friends and relatives of the students.
  4. Finally, the examinee gets their friends’ answers and applies them to the online test.

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Old-School Tricks

Old-school tricks

You all must be aware of the old-school method of cheating. During the pre covid period, students used to carry the cheat sheets to the examination hall. Similarly, if you correctly guess the probable questions, the old-school method will also be practical here.

  • Prepare for cheat sheet at home. A piece of paper that you can place on your palms or forearms.
  • Wear a dress that will hide all your writeups in your hands and other visible skin.
  • Sit in front of the computer screen and start your proctored online exam
  • Now, you can refer to your cheat sheet while attending the questions.

Cheating with Advanced Gadgets and Electronic Devices

advanced gadgets and electronic devices

Whether it is a Math proctored exam or English, it is now easy to cheat with the help of electronic devices. You can quickly look at the below points:

1. Smartphone

You can now jot down all info related to exam questions in the note section of your smartphone. Now, hide it on your knees. For this, you must have a pocket in your knees so that it is not visible.

You can easily pull the answer from your smartphone when the invigilator is not around. But remember to keep the smartphone in silent mode. Also, there should not be any lights on the screen.

After learning the process on a smartphone, you can also learn about the Edmentum Cheat Sheet here.

2. Bluetooth

how to use Bluetooth in online exam

Most of the students are using tiny Bluetooth devices which are undetectable. They bring it during the online examination. Also, the invigilator or the examiner needs help knowing the fact.

3. Scientific Calculator

Institutions, colleges, and universities allow scientific calculators in the examination hall. Previously, they let it for a traditional exam written with pen and paper. 

They introduced it to ease the student from excessive calculations. But, these days, students are using it to hack online tests.

There is a provision in the scientific calculators where students can store the formulas and other data. They can use the same while appearing in the examination.

Also check the MyMathLab answers to pass the exam. 

how to use Scientific Calculator

Hydration Method

Usually, examiners allow water bottles into the examination hall. But here is the catch.

The skilled cheaters write the answer to specific questions inside the water bottle cap. The examiners cannot restrict students from drinking water while they appear for the examination. They can turn on the bottle lid to see the calculated answer.

how to use Hydration Method

Hidden Method of Cheating

The institution allows students to appear comfortably in many online proctoring exams from home. Students can write notes on essential questions and place them under and above the tables, chairs, bed, closet, etc.

Intercepting Video Feeds.

It is the most advanced method among online cheat methods. It allows extracting the pre-recorded feeds from the virtual webcam. But it can track your host operating system.

Use of Virtual Machine

It is a relatively rare way of cheating. Students must understand that they need to use reasonable technical skills. Virtual machines simulate a computer. It is a technological method in proctored exam computer cheating.

External Projector Method

Many students know that remote monitoring proctor software tends to block several onscreen activities. Thus, the external projector will be one of the best ways to get the correct answer.

Bathroom Breaks

Some of the online exam questions come with a reasonable timeline. Thus, some students utilize the bathroom breaks and memorize the response from a cheat sheet while they reach the bathroom. After that, they come back and present the correct answer online. Know about Cumulative Exam Vs Comprehensive Exams.

Top 5 Myths on Cheating Online Proctored Exams

There are several myths that one can observe:

Repeated Proctoring Increases Students’ Anxiety.

Students may show the inclination to cheat. But, the proctoring will catch hold of the students who try to cheat. In such a situation, students will have a fear of getting caught. The anxiety takes place in students, which creates a negative impact on the student’s performance.

There can be Access to Student’s Devices after The Examination.

Students often claim that digital proctoring has full access to the student’s computer. It is not just during the proctored exams. The proctoring software grabs the student’s computer even after completing the examination.

You can Find a Video Basis in Every Proctoring Service.

Students must be more concerned about online proctoring software with a video-based monitoring system. Also, it includes the recording. The myth is that all online proctoring systems are on video. It is not valid.

Online Proctoring Affects Student Privacy.

There is another big misconception about online proctoring. According to some students, proctoring can access every detail within their computer even after the examination. One of the psychology professors at the University of Nevada protested against it as violating a student’s privacy is much more offensive than keeping the cheaters in the examination uncaught.

Institutions cannot Detect Cheating with Online Proctoring.

According to data published by the International Centre for academic integrity, more than 70% of students have admitted that they cheated online. But, there was proctoring software that could not catch them.

How do Online Proctored Tests Work?

The entire infrastructure of a proctored exam is cloud-based. Following are the steps based on which the proctored test work:

Candidate Face Recognition

Online proctoring starts with the authentication of students. The candidate has to share a screen with video and audio. It includes face recognition. Thus, each student needs to present their photo identity proof.

Monitor Real-Time

The proctoring software monitors the candidate’s activities while appearing for the examination. The algorithm works so that whenever there is suspicious behavior, the system automatically flags it as a doubtful case.

Data Storage with Proctoring Review

The proctoring review system raises the concern of suspicious activity in an online proctored exam. But it stored it in the cloud. As a result, the authority can review the case again afterward and check whether it is cheating.

Can Canvas detect cheating? If you are looking for the answer badly, here is the complete answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ProctorU Keep Recordings?

Yes. The ProctorU keeps recording the student’s screen while they are attending the examination. The app does it through webcam, voice recording, and face recognition.

What Happens If The Internet Is Disconnected Or Power Goes Out During The ProctorU Exam?

You must contact the helpline through chat support when disconnected from the examination session because of a power cut. The test conductor will help you return examination session as your power arrives.

Can ProctorU Detect a Second Screen?

Usually, Proctor cannot detect a second screen rather than the screen in which you appear for the examination. Also, when a student uses an HDMI splitter, the chances of seeing the second screen reduce drastically in the online assessments.

What is the Best Way To Cheat On an Online Exam?

Students can use more than one monitor. It can be less risky for me. It would help to use an HDMI splitter for effectiveness. Answer hacking software is one of the best ways to cheat on proctored exams.

Why is it Easy to Cheat on Online Proctored Exams?

Most online proctoring systems authenticate the test taker before the examination. Thus, detecting dishonesty is quite tricky with such resources.

What if you get caught cheating proctoring online tests?

When you are caught cheating in an online test, you have no option but to apologize to the examiner. You have to admit the act and apologize.

Is there any other way to pass online tests than cheating?

Yes, there is a simple and honest way to pass online tests without cheating. The test takers can get good grades even with a proctored math exam. Students must study consistently right from the beginning of the session.

Can Proctored exams detect phones?

Some students wonder, ‘How to cheat on a quiz?’ no, the proctorio cannot see your smartphones. It tracks through the webcam and records the facial movement.

Does proctoring track eye movement?

No, the proctorio software cannot track eye movements. During the online examinations, the proctorio system only records facial movements.

Can proctored exams hear you?

Yes, along with the video, the proctored software have an audio option. Thus, it will record in its cloud storage if the system observes any suspicious activities, even in Zoom proctored exam.

Can you tell if Proctorio flagged you?

It is one of the essential questions during a remote proctored exam. Suppose you wrote correct answers, and the proctorio software detects it. Will you be intimated? The answer is no. The student needs to find out whether the proctorio software flags them.

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